My pathway into the world of Somatic Movement and Improvisation begun in 2009 while on a Improvisation retreat in Bali. Re-connected to a forgotten passion for dance and movement sparked early memories of being a child theatrically dancing and reciting poems by T.S.Eliot, climbing trees, skipping, jumping, hanging upside down; the ‘ah-ha’ moment of feeling alive in the expression of the self in movement.

In returning to my home in Hong Kong, I begun dancing both non-stylised movement and Contact Improvisation with Victor Ma, Mandy Yim and David Leung (HK).  These initial years were pivotal in shaping my continuing fascination in embodied approaches to movement awareness and perception in developing a connection between movement and meaning.

In 2010 I trained in Movement Therapy and Expressive Arts at Tamalpa Institute California under the instruction of Anna and Daria Halprin and Soto Hoffman.  Moving back to the UK in 2011, I began studying the discipline of Authentic Movement with Fran Lavendel while living in Edinburgh; a practice that I continue to study and one that greatly informs my teaching work in widening my depth of presence in relational dialogue.

In 2016 I Completed an MA in Dance and Somatic Well-being from the University of Central Lancaster where I undertook practice led research into the embodiment of language, marrying my love for both words and movement. Since then, I have been developing and continuing my own creative work and somatic research, drawing upon my training's in Somatic Improvisation, the Tamalpa Life/Art pedagogy and Expressive Arts,  Authentic Movement and Jungian Psychology.

I believe strongly in the power of Somatic Movement in cultivating self-knowledge and navigational skills to better attend to life's challenges. Accessibility and outreach lies at the heart of my work; in reaching socially isolated individual's and communities in support of personal agency.  In 2017 upon moving to Bristol, I developed a program for women refugee's at a local charity that focus's on self-care and cultivating listening skills and supportive self-expression. I am currently providing regular training at the centre in embodied approaches to emotional resilience. I am passionate in working with individuals and socially isolated groups, facilitating supportive spaces for individuals to discover,  reawaken, and re-imagine their own creative and movement possibilities, while developing a capacity for self-care. I also facilitate regular classes at Age UK with the elderly and Alziermer's groups.

As a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association (ISMETA), I meet the high standards of practice and uphold the Codes of Ethics and attend regular supervision.